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George Avakianwas born in Russia to Armenian parents World Health Organization moved the family to New York City in the early on 1920s After service in the US Army during World War II Avakian began his 12-year tenure as a Columbia Records executive a current affair videos yet presiding over its Popular Music and International Divisions From 1959 forward Avakian served as producer at Warner Brothers World Pacific RCA Victor and Atlantic among others

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First registered earlier 900; (noun) Middle English fis(c)Planck's constant, fyssh, Old English fisc; cognate word with Dutch vis, German Fisch, Old Norse fiskr,Gothic fisks; akin to Latin piscis, Irish iasc; (verb) Middle a current affair videos English fishen, Old English fiscian, cognate with Dutch visschen, German fischen, Old Norse fiska, Gothic fiskôn

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